Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 29, Summary

     I finally finish my blog challenge which took a while, but now I can work on my research paper.  Unfortunately, I have fix some things on my beamer again after I presented it to my mentor for my meeting.  After the meeting I found out that my results for benzamidine in PBC were finish but it turns out that something went wrong (surprise, I think not).  It turns out that the step 5 files ran but then it stopped halfway, so I had to rerun them.  That's basically all I did that  day but I still got a lot to do.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7/29/14 summary

Today I added more to my paper. It was a little more difficult today figuring out how to connect everything into paragraphs. Other than that I didn't really do anything.

7/29/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was another boring day. I worked on my paper for a little bit, and that was about it. We sat and talked the rest of the day and made plans to hang out with each other before and after SEED. I should hopefully be getting samples tomorrow so I can get results by the end of this week so I can write my research paper and finish my poster before ACS.

7/29 BLOG

Today I worked on my outline for my research paper.
I work tonight so I have a long day ahead of me still. I drove to work today all by myself!



           Friday I attended my first symposium. It was an experience that will last a lifetime! When I got here, I finished assembling my paper because we ran out of tape and I didn't want to use glue. (Yeah, I know I'm crazy). Anyway, when I went to go register, my name tag was there but I didn't have a number nor was I in the abstract book. I felt very disappointed because I wanted everyone to read my abstract and I felt like I was not included. I know I take things very personal. Mistakes happen all of the time, so I just happened to be the person that was forgotten and that's okay. Anyway, I went to the end and put my poster up. I ended up using 60 something tacks just to put it up so nothing would fall looked really nice and neat.
I wore heels...bad idea!! My feet were so red and swollen by the end of the day, it was terrible.
I felt confident yet nervous at the same time and that probably makes no sense, but it does to me. When it came my turn to stand at my poster, I waited to see if anyone would come by. I had about three people come up and talk to me. Almost all three of them asked the same question that I didn't know the answer to, so I just played it off and tried to give my best explanation. My cousin and my sister came to see me and also eat lunch with me. After all, I felt very proud of what I had accomplished. I'm very satisfied with all of my work over the summer, It paid off. I have learned so much in 8 weeks or less.I am so excited I got the opportunity to meet so many people and present my research. I came in like a seed being planted, now that seed has sprouted and beyond grown! 

Blog Challenge #3

Cheyenne Simmons

    Cheyenne Simmons, a 17 year old student from Sto-Rox High School now attends at a special program here at Duquesne University known as Project SEED, where highs school students have the opportunity to work with real scientists, whether in the lab or focusing more in computational studies.  For Cheyenne she does a little bit of both because her project is about making semiconductors out of earth abundant materials.  If the compound she uses is capable of being a semiconductor, then making nano particles out of those compounds would be her next step.  To sum it up her project is the synthesis characterization of nano-crystalline diamond-like semiconductors. 
     The main objective for Cheyenne is to form films out of the successful makings of the nano-crystalline structures so that they can be used in solar panels.  The lack of resources for energy has become a big problem and now Cheyenne is in charge of determining the best way to supply ourselves with a surplus of energy by doing her best at making nano-particles out of earth's vast amount minerals.  However making nano-crystalline structures isn't easy.  These minerals must posses certain qualities or characteristics, and that is why she uses Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to decide whether the mineral has the require traits to to qualify as a semiconductor.  The next step is elemental analysis, where she uses energy dispersion spectroscopy (EDS) and X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) to identify the compound's structure and properties.  So far Cheyenne has received some results for her compounds, but there are a few more things she still has to do like using the UV-Vis-Mr spectroscopy to view at the band gaps.  There is no end when it comes to science

Roberts July 28th Summary

It was a very quick and easy day for me and everyone else for that matter. I found that we have to now right a paper. I'm actually really good at writing so this will be a breeze for me. In a way I'm kind of sad that there's not that many days left. Although, I'm going to make these last two weeks or, however many days are left the best days me and everyone else.