Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, Summary

     I quickly had to add some finish touches to my presentation when I came in today because I had a meeting at 9:00 with my lab group and I had to present my project to them again.  I don't think that I got better at presenting my project probably because I get nervous since they're all older and know what they're doing.  After the meeting I fixed up my beamer and my poster after having my mentor going overing it.  I got a lot done for my poster in just two days and now I'm almost ready to print it out or at least I should by tomorrow at the latest.

7/22/14 Katie O'Kelley

This morning I filtered my synthesis reactions from yesterday and also filtered my mono oxo species reaction from last week that has been in the hood to evaporated out the solvent, or reduce the volume for filtration. I put all 4 filters into the desiccator to dry. THey will be weighed tomorrow. After that I ran IR of the first complex I made yesterday. Then went to lunch. after lunch was the seed meeting then we all went to Fisher Hall to get our paper for our posters. Then I continued and finished my day working on my poster, with a small break for cake. I love cake days :D

7/22/14 Kelly Pesta

Today was kind of busy. This morning I didn't have much to do until Mr. Larry told me I should make an actual poster instead of slides. I've been working on that all day deciding on what type of background I should use. I'm going to look over my results tomorrow with Leah and add them to my poster and hopefully be done before the symposium Friday. I'm really pressing time so I'm hoping I finish everything by Friday.

7-22-14 Summary

        Today was a lot of running around.  In the morning, I put the nickel coupons that didn't work in my container full of used coupons.  I then did another 1 hour deposition on 3 nickel coupons.  After lunch, we got our construction papers for the symposium.  I didn't get the color that I wanted because there wasn't enough, but I'm okay with the color that I got.  I also changed everything that my secondary told me to do on my power point.  I then sent it to my mentor to check.  She had me change a lot of things.  After all of that, I resent my mentor the power point with all of the changes that I made.  Now, I have to wait until she tells that everything on it is okay.  I also have to present tomorrow, but I think it will go pretty fast due to going over my power point so many times.  

7/22 BLOG

Today I took out samples from the furnace and put my last three in.
I ran the XRPD once again.
I also did SEM/EDS on my completed samples.
Chas and I worked on my power point some. We looked at the SEM, EDS, and XRPD results.


             Today was a long day, in the morning I read a couple more papers about mutations while i waited for people from my lab to come in. They didn't come in till after we went to lunch which was a problem because i needed to be in the lab early to start my experiments, because of how long they  take and because it all needed to be done in the same day. so after lunch I basically adjusted my power point and fixed more things. I also added the grants and acknowledgements that Mr. Larry gave us to put in our power points.


I've done more SMORS and worked on my power point.