Thursday, July 2, 2015

Amadou Diallo 7-2-15

Today I presented to my lab group and got some feedback. I also ran some assays.
On Monday I will probably try some different conditions for the assay.

Stephen Lau - July 2, 2015

     Started to polish up my presentation with the feedback I got yesterday but it's still going to take a while.  Monday I plan of chunking my way through and maybe start on my abstract...

Amber Latona 7/2

Today I started to think about how to update/edit my abstract.
On Monday I am going to finish my abstract, submit it, edit my powerpoint, and begin to analyze my samples.

Have a good holiday and weekend everyone!!!!

Cheyeanne Perez 7/2/15 summary

Today I didn't do much but I did manage to read more about mutations and my summer work.

14 days down : 26 left

Jisca 7-2-15

        Today, I presented in my group lab meeting.  I think I did okay.  Next week, I will start new depositions. 

Jordan Pestok 7/2/15

Today i had to redo my CID profiles so that way  the experiment is can be reproducible. I will continue doing this on Monday and Tuesday.

Jeramiah Jones 7.2.15

Today i am re-measuring the two samples of A.Carbon. Also i am using DI H2O just with the a.carbon  to see if one of the samples is adding or adsorping the arsenic. If I dont finish today then next week i will run the samples through the I.C system and collect the data.